Because Nothing is Unending

Miguel Vallejo Duque 11°

“Time never waits. It delivers all equally to the same end.” 

The word “forever” is one that we love to use every day. The concept of “eternity” is often brought up despite how nebulous it really is. We as a species struggle to cope with the fact that nothing we have ever known and nothing that we will come to know is eternal. This uncertainty is what drives humanity to its fear of change and the unknown, for we want the things we cherish to stay how they are. Much to our dismay, however, change is one of the few certainties we have in a life full of variables and unknowns. Seasons change, and petals fall. As day turns into night, we shiver with the dread of losing what’s dear. It is that distinct fear of what’s to come that makes us human. Despite that, the ability to go beyond our insecurities and come to terms with our tomorrow is also deeply human. If we understand we cannot protect the status quo, we will be freed from the chains of hesitation. As we grasp the true nature of our existence, a myriad of different versions of ourselves are revealed to us. Thus, comprehending the fluidity of our world leads us to discover one key truth: the future is ours to decide. To be at peace with beginnings and ends is to be at peace with life itself. So, don’t be afraid to take risks. Even if you don’t change, everything else will. Run past your insecurities and take on a brighter tomorrow. Why settle with what already is, when everything you could ever want is lying right before your eyes? All it takes is a bit of determination. 

Grow. Laugh. Cry. Succeed. Fail. Live. But don’t stay where you are, because something greater is waiting. Take a leap of faith, because the future is not written. 

Flecha única y flechas blancas sobre fondo naranja

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