Personal Paradise

Oh, waking up. Why should I have to get up of this cozy bed to forget about my furry blankets and lavender smelling sheets? Just to enter a freezing blue jail-like place with scenarios that make me suffer and obligate me to dig into the question of who I am in a rather uncomfortable way? As in most scenarios I’m presented with, fitting in has become a calamity that took over my life like a curse since I have memory, but… well, yes, I might be considered as a dark eyed pessimist with big claws. That just makes me dig into suffering, but even if I only write about feeling uncomfortable and having to make an inhuman effort to be able to understand many topics presented to me on my daily basis, I must admit, there are many others that bring a bright pink joy that just makes my day, the upper part of my daily rainbow, where I find all the pretty tulips and soft touches of nature; where I can listen Beethoven playing the Ninth Symphony for my classic ears delight. Paradise, some might call it, just as an easy way to sum it up. Well…no, to me it is the highest part of the rainbow, oh, my pretty rainbow.

I know that this arc created by the reflection of the sun rays on the water that the rain brings, can come in different colors and shapes, maybe for you what I described as my pink pretty rainbow, to your eyes can be a dirty viscose quicksand, not wanting to be there and asking why would someone ever want to be near one, or in one. Getting real here, of course being trapped in a quicksand has to be, without discussion, the most maddening, game-over type of feeling, but let’s just not get distracted in that thought.

Your rainbow is probably completely different from mine. Maybe yours, instead of having flowers, has pretty bright green leaves, or maybe you don’t like nature at all and you’re driving a Formula One full-speed in an infinite avenue.

We all have our rainbow, a shining half circle or a phenomenon of nature. However you desire to call it, you have one, and it is your duty to slowly paint it; finding the perfect color for each stripe, the smells you want to smell, the melodies you want to hear; build it up, find it, and make the highest part of that 180° circle, your personal paradise.


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