The soldier strategy

Ana María Mira, Susana Flórez 8°A

In the year 1123 a baby was born. He was called Jeremias, his mom was a housewife and his dad was the soldier’s leader. Since he was a kid, he wanted to follow his dad and become a soldier of his empire – the Muslim Empire -.  

When he was 16, he began to work as a soldier of the empire. He was the right hand of his father, he was such a good soldier. He used to train every day and his goal was to overcome his father. Five years later all the army was on a battle in which his father, the leader, died because the enemy soldiers killed him. 

Then the emperor declared him the leader of the Muslims army. In that moment the emperor told him that they were going to counterattack and try to conquer one of the crusader states of the holy land Edessa, and he wanted that so much that he made a strategy for conquering it. The emperor gave him one week for making the plan, he was very nervous but also excited because he wanted to do that since he was a child.

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He went home earlier to start the plan, he stayed four hours thinking about the plan, but he had nothing, he couldn’t sleep that night. The next day he was depressed, so he went for a walk and saw a snake that was looking for a rat to eat. He followed the snake and saw how the snake’s strategy for hunting food was. The strategy was to hide, then corner the rat and finally attack. In that moment, he thought that that was the best strategy for conquering Edessa, he was very happy because finally he had a good plan. 

At the next morning he went to tell the emperor how the plan was going to be. The emperor thought it was a good strategy, told him that he had to train the other soldiers for the battle and that the attack was going to be 30 days later. 

He went to tell the other soldiers that they were going to train very hard for the next 25 days because they were going to attack Edessa, but most of the soldiers didn’t want to go to that battle because they thought they were going to die and lose their families, but he gave a speech in which he told the soldiers that they had to go to the battle because all was for their country, and they had to fight for the good of all the people. The soldiers agreed after the speech and he proceeded to tell them the plan that he called “the snake strategy”. This consisted in hiding around all Edessa and then attacking it. 

For the next 25 days they trained very hard they started preparing for the attack. And, finally, that day came. They fought very hard and at last conquered Edessa. 


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