virtual Learning as Teamwork

Valeria Zuleta Lopera 9°BF 

Covid-19 came suddenly and unexpected, in few weeks humanity could witness their world change in different aspects, later transforming the meaning of what “normal life” used to represent. Everyone had a strenuous adaption to these new circumstances; however when being together was essential, an alternative was found to unite as people and support each other as a community. Learning is a process where there is a guide needed, but this was notoriously affected. Education had to continue, there wasn’t time for a pause, and this is how virtual learning promptly became part of people’s lives. 

During adversity and tribulation, humanity has found it necessary to work together with a partnership feeling at all times. This period requires everyone to help each other to achieve their goals in virtual learning. Teachers and students must recognize that their connivance and support are the bases for this process to succeed. Different problems and difficulties may happen; the online systems are far from being perfect or totally efficient, nonetheless patience, understanding and empathy should concede a comfortable ambience for both students and teachers. Is important to be conscious of other’s situations, this way they will grant the same treatment back, resulting in a reliable space to give and receive classes. 

These methods are quite different to what students were accustomed to. A complete study day may be tiring or overwhelming, it’s completely natural to experience different feelings during this sudden transition of a classroom to a desk and a computer all day long. Teachers should consider this to apply motivational methods to their students, ways in which the class follows its pace and goal, but the person at home can feel interested in their subject, taking into account the rest of the entire schedule. Of course, this is collaborative labor; students must attend with discipline to their activities, it is impossible to understand if the classes prepared by the teachers are not attended with due respect. 

Both entities have to give and receive, wait and be waited, teach and learn from one another. This pandemic is affecting everybody all around the world, although with the correct empathy, patience and understanding, it is just another challenge for humanity. It may start with virtual education, but such attitudes are the ones needed in today’s society, the necessary for an adequate connivance in the new reality that the world offers today. 

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