Fool’s Photograph

Juliana Rivera 12°

What if Photograph by Ed Sheeran and Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley merged?  

Well, yeah, sure it can hurt 

But, hey, I don’t mind being a fool 

Just by the means of falling in love 

‘Cause I have been for some time. 

What if you take my hand  

And, darling, take all my life, too 

Put this love in a photograph,  

Hold it next to each heartbeat. 

This might be meant to happen 

Just like the river eternally flows  

The way you mend my soul  

Beyond the moment we die. 

Yet I was told words may bleed, 

I will remember the time  

I couldn’t help but falling in love  

Even if people told me it could be a sin. 


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