Rose Memories

Camila Salinas 9°

Everybody has a role in this world, a path we’re meant to follow as destiny guides us through the night, but sometimes, that same truth can tear us apart… 

     And the case of my dear love, would not be an exception to this eternal curse, well the bloody red that colored her soft stare, will remain as a sore wound crossing my heart, even if I tried to heal it, that fresh rose fragrance would drag me once again bellow the ground. 

     The salty smell of the breeze flowing by made me open my eyes to find the huge ocean as a mat of blue hydrangea lying next to me. I tried to shake off the dry sand from my blonde hair, but it was too stuck to my body to just leave me like a scared bug. The pain in my back grew bigger as I stood up, well apparently, I had slept on the ground last night. 

     The warm weather of the beach made me feel like I was standing on a different planet, a little boy living all alone on mars. But the sweet lemon taste on my lips brought back my memories, the ones I thought were gone. 

     “Stargirl” that is the name I gave her, well her honey eyes reminded me of the sun, and the shine of her smile, were the lights of a night sky. But the way she appeared into my life and ran away once again, was just as fast as a shooting star leaving the milky way. 

     She was my perdition, but also my meaning of life, because it was too late to learn how to be without her, well I would be lost, craving for her touch, dreaming of dancing with her for just once more. 

     May 21 of the year 1978, that was the day I met her. I failed an important exam that same morning, and all I wanted to do was cry. Out of all the options I had, I decided to wash off my pain at “Velvet Grove” a local bar that was popular in my town. 

     As expected, the more I drank, the harder it was to tell apart what was real and what was just a hallucination, that is the reason my atoms almost disintegrated, and goosebumps crawled up my spine when a gorgeous woman walked up to me. I thought she was a goddess, well no human could be this perfect, her black hair looked like the waves of the sea, inviting me like a siren to drown in its depths. 

     “Follow me” she announced with an angelic voice, and I, as a little puppy followed her order without hesitation. Stargirl guided me to a small cabin in the middle of the woods. If I weren’t drunk, I would have run away in fear, but as my heart was doing my brain’s job, I didn’t say much, well the hooked expression on my face, told her all she wanted to hear. 

     The cabin was small yet comfortable, it had one room with its own restroom, a kitchen, and a living room. I was surprised when she took out some food from the oven, it looked like leftover lasagna, probably from the last night. She served it on two plates, and we ate it with some nice peppermint tea. When we were done, we swayed to “The mamas & the papas” until our feet hurt. 

     Next morning, we woke up in the living room, my head hurt, but my heart was beating faster than ever, I felt like the luckiest man in the world, well my life changed since I impulsively decided to follow a stranger home, cause I found the love of my life, who was sleeping centimeters away from me, and even though I know that it was too soon to have this feeling towards somebody that I didn’t even know, something told me that morning that my heart belonged to her pure soul. 

     August 30 of the year 1978, last night I lost my reason to live. The woman I loved, and even though I would like to believe it was all just a dream, the dried blood around my body, brought me back to reality without remorse. It was our third anniversary, and we thought it was a great idea to celebrate it at the beach, well, Stargirl used to tell me how it was her dream to get married with a sunset over the sea as the landscape, so to surprise her, I was going to ask for her hand, making my dream come true, staying with her for the rest of my life. 

     But as the vows say, “Till death do us part” and God didn’t wait much to take his angel back, because after dinner, on our way to the beach, a car crashed against us, taking her life with it… 

     And here I am, standing by myself, where I was meant to seal my soul to Stargirl’s one, and with my last breath, I screamed to the sky her name, because I know that somewhere out there, she will shine… 


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